2. Add Items to a Box
3. Current Items in the Box
ASIN Count Expiration Date  
Empty Box
  1. Enter the shipment id. Example: FBA23JFC2G
  2. Select the unique identifer type you will be using for this box. Once selected, we will assume all items in this box will use this identifier.
  3. Select the expiration date for the item. If left blank, we will default to 6 months. (Let's be honest, if it hasn't sold in 6 months, time to pull it from FBA not to pay storage fees).
  4. Input the selected item identifier.
  5. Once all items are in the box, click on Print Bar Code and a popup with the code will appear.
  • If your items are labeled, please use the FNSKU (X00). If your items are commingled, please use ASIN or UPC.