Streamline FBA and VendorCentral Inventory Replenishment

Easily create FBA 2D box content barcodes, Send to Amazon manifest files, inbound FBA labels, FNSKU labels, VendorCentral SSCC carton and BPS carton labels.

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FBA box content without SellerCentral forms, spreadsheets or sticky notes

Track items as you pack them into boxes. Print the 2D box label when the box is full. Done. No more notes from the warehouse to manually enter into SellerCentral.

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Send to Amazon Support

Track items as you pack them into boxes. Generate Send to Amazon manifest or pack group upload files as needed.

Streamline FNSKU Labels

Five approaches to printing FNSKU labels that best fit your warehouse workflow, all optimized for thermal label printers.

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Shipment Creation

Crate SellerCentral shipments via our integration to bypass the new Send to Amazon workflow. Love Send to Amazon? Use our easy web UI to create the Excel files for creating manifest files.

Minimize item touches

Advanced labels combine box content and FBA inbound label or FNSKU-box content label to minimize the number of times you touch your items and boxes. Multiple options to print FNSKU labels based on your items mix.

Reporting and validation

Validate packed items against the shipment plan as you pack to prevent inbound shipment errors. Reporting by shipment, destination, SKUs, pallets, expiration dates, packer and more.

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International FBA support

We support FBA box contents labels and shipment creation for FBA locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czech Republic.

Multi-User, Multi-Warehouse Support

Multi-user user and multi-location support to power all of your warehouse locations and track each operators performance.

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The platform has been very easy to use and has allowed us to print FNSKU labels and 2D barcode labels and box labels very easily. I enjoy working with the software and especially like the plan validation piece of the package that makes sure that your shipment plan actually matches what you have packed in each box. This is critical to avoid warehouse mistakes.

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We have been using Wizard Industries for our Amazon 2D barcodes for years. Their software has been key in scaling our operations. We started with just a few team members, but now have a staff of 10. Our shipping and quality assurance team use the software daily.

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The developer is extremely responsive to concerns and feature requests. As a result, the app is by far the most mature and definitely the fastest on the market. We run hundreds of shipments and thousands of products through this app on a monthly basis and at this point could not and would not want to operate without it.

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Most common questions...

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1. Pack your items and apply the 2D box content label when a box is full. Repeat until all items are packed.
2. When finalizing the shipment in SellerCentral select that you are using 2D barcodes. This will allow you to skip providing the information via the UI or the Excel file.
3. Done.

No. There is no need for us to have access to your account. If you chose, you can connect your Amazon account to automatically download your shipment plans. Note, you will need to connect to your account for shipment creation.

If you upload the shipment plan or download it via our Amazon integration, the system can validate items to your shipment plans as you pack them and alert you of any issues.

You can generate VendorCentral carton labels by uploading a CSV with your shipment contents. Read more about VendorCentral labels.

We're actively expanding our functionality to support the Supply Chain Connect features that Amazon is retiring. Check out the high level outline of our Supply Chain Connect replacement. Please contact us with any questions or for a walkthrough.

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